Click here to Sign up EPR Spetrometer time.

Please cancel your reserved time if you can’t use it. 

LHe Cryostat Users:

1. LHe cryostat will be installed after research group’s request. It is best to give EPR staff (Bob and Heike) one week in advance notice for using the cryostat.

2. After LHe cryostat installation is confirmed, information will be broadcasted in the EPR user email list ( and other research groups can join the LHe cryostat time. Then depending on cyrostat users’ need, the duration time of the cryostat will be determined and information will be on top of the calendar web page.

3. Please sign up your time slot independently and update it as soon as your schedule changes. You can also broadcast your changed schedule in EPR user email list so other users can utilize the empty time slots.