Welcome to the EPR Facility


The Chemistry buildings Mathews and Daniels will be re-opening tomorrow, Wed Nov 10 at 8am, and with that the EPR Facility will also re-open for hands-on use. Please note the following in your planning for returning to “normal” work within the Facility:

1. All new users of the facility that have not been trained for hands-on use of the spectrometers must contact MR Facility staff to setup a training session. Do not use the facility until you have gone through this training.

2. The following COVID safety protocols remain in effect in the MR Facility:
— Stay masked at at all times in the facility, and also in the Chemistry building.
— Maintain social distancing while in the Facility: one person at a spectrometer at one time, no gatherings while waiting for spectrometers, no loitering in hallways.
— Keep surfaces disinfected. Plastic covers will stay on keyboards, and EtOH solutions will be at all workstations for spraying before and after use.
— Please wash your hands frequently, especially after you exit from the Facility.

Rervations for the EPR (on FACES) are required before you can work in the laboratory.

Email NMR staff (nmrstaff@chem.wisc.edu) if you have questions about procedures as stated above, or experience problems on the instruments.




Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR)  spectroscopy is a technique for studying materials with unpaired electrons. It is particularly useful for studying metal complexes or organic radicals. 

EPR spectroscopy is used in various branches of science, such as biology, chemistry and physics, for the detection and identification of free radicals and paramagnetic centers. It is very sensitive and specific for studying both radicals formed in chemical reactions and for understanding the mechanisms for chemical reactions.

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