Bruker ELEXSYS E500 EPR Spectrometer


SuperX High Power Microwave Bridge, X-Band CW-EPR, Low Noise Preamplifier(30 Hz to 6.5 MHz), Up to 80 MHz tuning range, Automated Tuning and Matching, High Linearity Modulation Amplifier Module(500 Hz to 120 kHz)




Standard resonator: Provides weak-pitch sigal-to-noise ration of 400:1

Super Hi-Q resonator: Provides weak-pitch signal-to-noise ration of 3000:1

Dual-mode resonator: ER 4116DM, TE102 with B1 perpendicular and TE012 with B1 parallel to B0

Double Chambers resonator: ER 4105DR, Double rectangular cavity operating in the TE104 mode


Variable Temperature Apparatus

Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat: ER 4141VTC, reaches low temperature(~100K) and above room temperature(~370K)

Liquid Helium Cryostat: ESR900 Continuous flow Cryostat, reaches low temperature(~3.2K)