EPR facility provides one-on-one or small group training on following topics: Basic EPR Spectrometer Operation, LN2 and LHe Cryostat Operation.

LN2 or LHe Cryostat training is mandatory for using related VT device. 

If you are new to EPR facility, please contact Lingchao Zhu ( for creating user account and basic EPR training.

If you need to use LN2 or LHe cryostat, please contact Bob Shanks ( for advanced EPR training. 


EPR Useful Links:

There is an excellent set of EPR manuals(Theory and Practical parts) in Evert Duin's group website at Aubrun University. Click here to see them. 

Acknowledgement: this manual was written by Evert Duin with contributions from and examples provided by Wilfred Hagen, Michael K. Johnson, Steven Mansoorabadi, Antonio Pierik and Simon. P. J. Albracht.

Our Training Guide

Basic EPR Operation (Updated on 02/12/2016)

LN2 Cryostat Operation (Updated on 06/29/2015)

LHe Cryostat Operation (Updated on 11/03/2015)